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Smartphones Sold in Russia will Need to have Pro-Russian Software: Report


Government officials in Russia have drafted a new law in the country that will mandate the inclusion of apps that support traditional Russian values in smartphone sold within the country.

The new law is applicable to smartphone tablets, computers and more of such kind and has been created by the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service. According to local state officials, the new guidelines help in the “formation of the priority of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.” In other words, the smartphones sold within the country should arrive with apps that support Russian sentiments and beliefs.

Previously, the Russian Government had banned the sale of electronic devices that do not arrive with pre-installed Russian software. This law came into effect in November 2019 and was made so the local citizens are made aware of alternatives to popular western applications.

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Oleg Nikolayev, a co-author of the new guideline, stated that the smartphones sold in Russia only arrive with pre-installed western apps and the new law meant to change that. Meaning, help boost the local app makers and make their presence more known within the country. Oleg also mentioned that this will give more choice to the customers and foster a right to choose as well.


Despite the previous law passing in last November, manufacturers and distributors in Russia have yet to fully adopt the practice of pre-installation. The Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Household Electrical Equipment and Computers said that installing Pro-Russian software in some devices might not be possible; with Apple

being a great example, as the Cupertino-based giant might withdraw from the market because of the new law.

Apple representatives also discussed the new laws and claimed that they will consider withdrawing from Russia due to the new law. Reportedly, Apple does not consider Russia a significant or strategic market from a global standpoint

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