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Skip the bricks and grab a power bank with an actual Prime Day deal


Zendure Supermini S20 Otterbox CableSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

At long last Prime Day is here, and while great deals have been flying by for laptops, smart TVs, and headphones, the deals on phone accessories have been filled with hits and a lot of misses.

I'm a sucker for a good power bank, and while there are literally thousands on sale for Prime Day, most of the lightning deals so far have been absolute garbage, like this outdated Anker PowerCore 13000 C. Let's go over a few rules and then hop into the deals actually worth buying.

First and foremost, if the power bank doesn't have USB-C input and output, close the tab and walk away. USB-C Power Delivery is not only the standard charge for almost all phones and laptops in 2020, it also means that recharging the power bank itself will be quicker and easier since you can use the exact same cable to charge the bank as you do to charge your phone. If it still has a micro-USB input, too, that's okay, but it better have USB-C input/output if you want to charge your tech at a reasonable speed.

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Also, check the rated charging speed on banks larger than 15,000mAh. The bigger a bank is, the longer it'll take to charge it, so if you have a choice between a bank that charges at 60W and a bank that charges at 30W, chances are the 60W bank will be worth the extra investment. These speeds are doubly important if you plan to use them to recharge your laptop in addition to charging your phone.

Without further ado, let's get to the real power bank deals to be found this Prime Day!

No brainer price:

Aukey 10,000mAh Battery Pack | 25% off at Amazon

Anywhere your phone can fit, this power bank can fit, so you have no excuse not to carry it with you on long days. And at the price of a large pizza, there's no reason to hesitate on owning one.

$15 at Amazon

Perfect for purses and pockets:

Zendure SuperMini (10,000mAh) | $20 off at Amazon

The SuperMini is the size of a credit card and rugged as all get-out, but it can also charge your phone at 18W whether you use USB-C or USB-A. Just make sure you clip the coupon to get the extra $10 off!

$26 at Amazon

Like a candy bar:

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux | $11 off at Amazon

This USB-C bank is easily pocketable, allowing you to quickly top off your dying phone with 18W Power Delivery charging. Anker's poer banks are known to last for years and years, and the power button on this bank allows you to kick over to trickle-charging for smaller items like earbuds.

$29 at Amazon

Wireless is cool:

AUKEY Basix Pro Wireless Charging Power Bank | 20% off at Amazon

This 20,000mAh power bank is just about the size of your phone (and a bit thicker), and with Qi wireless charging, it can charge three devices at once. Just keep in mind it's only 18W PD charging.

$37 at Amazon

We'll keep an eye on the lightning deals as the keep cycling, but in the meantime, these deals should cover all your portable charging needs! If you need more help figuring out which power bank is right for you, start your search with our favorite power banks.

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