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Should you buy a Blink camera on Prime Day?


Best answer: Yes. Blink is an Amazon-owned brand and works perfectly with the Alexa and Echo ecosystems, giving you peace of mind for less.

From $50 at Amazon

Exclusive Prime deals are the best way to take the most advantage of your Amazon Prime membership. These member-only deals won't just save you money, but they'll also get to your house incredibly fast, saving you the hassle of having to go to a physical store.

Blink Indoor Home Security System LifestyleSource: Amazon

Amazon Prime Day is back and better than ever, with Fall deals that are sure to eclipse what you'll find even on Black Friday. The October date is a little later than the July date that Amazon has traditionally held it, and that seems to have made these deals better than ever. Tons of Amazon products are on sale, including cameras from Blink, an Amazon-owned company. Blink already makes some of the absolute most affordable home security cameras on the market, and Prime Day is making it easier than ever to pick a few up.

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Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini

Looking to get started with Blink? Look no further than this incredible combo deal, which pairs the Echo Show 5 with the Blink Mini for the ultimate in smart home security and control.

$50 at Amazon

Prime Day is the best time to buy any Amazon device

Amazon Prime Day offers deep discounts for basically every Amazon product, in particular, and the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini combo pack you see above is just one example of the many great deals you'll find on Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Pairing Blink Mini with an Echo Show 5 is the perfect way to get started since the Echo Show is one of the best ways to view video from any Blink camera. Ask Alexa to show you what's on your Blink camera, and, in just a few seconds, the live video from your Blink Mini will appear on the screen. That's way better than having to pull out your smartphone and navigate to the Blink app.


Which Blink camera should I buy on Prime Day?

Blink 2020 Mini Indoor Outdoor

Blink 2020 Mini Indoor OutdoorSource: Amazon

Blink's wireless cameras are unique to the market in that they provide a whopping 2-years of battery life on 2-AA batteries. These cameras record high-quality 1080p video and have intelligent power savings with smart motion detection. That means they won't record unless the camera sees motion, helping to save battery for the long-haul. The small and extremely lightweight nature makes these perfect for putting anywhere inside or outside the home, and the Blink Sync module can even be used to store all of your cameras' video on a single USB thumb drive.

Each Blink Sync module supports up to 10 cameras at a time, so you can mix and match Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor cameras to your liking. You'll also find that there are tons of amazing Blink accessories to pick up for your cameras, helping you to extend the battery life, mount them in clever places, and just make the Blink experience better than ever.

Each of these Blink cameras is named for its purpose — Blink Indoor is less expensive and is made to reside indoors away from harsh weather. At the same time, Blink Outdoor is a tad pricier because of its ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, not to mention wind and rain.

Should I wait for Black Friday deals on a Blink camera?

Blink Mini Lifestyle

Blink Mini LifestyleSource: Amazon

Historically, Prime Day offers Black Friday prices well before Black Friday even begins. This year, thanks to Amazon moving Prime Day 2020 to a later date, you can save some money and knock out your holiday shopping even before the Holiday season officially begins! That's a great reason to pick up these deals now instead of waiting until Black Friday.

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