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Shocking! Gamer kills rival over Call of Duty: Mobile competition


Gaming addiction is a challenge that faced in different parts of the world which have precipitated proactive measures both from the regulatory authorities as well as games publishers to help curb this menace. Well, one gamer in Brazil took his addiction to the extreme by killing a rival competitor. The victim, Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, 19, was a top gamer who had met with the accused, 18-year-old Guilherme Alves Costa at his home to take part in a joint competition on Call of Duty: Mobile, both players belonging to rival teams. The pair had first established contact with each other online last month, according to local news reports.

Alves Costa who bears the online name “Flashlight” allegedly stabbed Miss Oliveira Bueno da Silva with a knife repeatedly after she arrived at his home located in Pirituba, north of São Paulo. The accused is reported to have confessed to the crime in a video which he recorded with his smartphone and shared on some WhatsApp group chats including one for his clan. He also shared images of the deceased before leaving the crime scene.

However, the 18-year-old later submitted himself to law enforcement agents after the clan leadership alerted the appropriate authorities. The alleged murderer even insists that his mental health was “completely fit” and he “wanted to do this,” according to a statement by São Paulo’s State Department of Public Security.


The mental health of the accused will likely be accessed to determine if he isn’t insane. No sane person will stab his fellow over video games. Or wait, there is precedence. In May 2010, a French gamer, Julien Barreaux, 20, hunted his rival for seven months and killed him for killing his character in the game Counter-Strike the previous November.


Also, in 2018, two professional video gamers were killed by a distraught rival player who was angry he lost at an eSports tournament in Florida. The shooter who had a history of mental illness later turned the gun on himself.




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