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Say no to bulk with these slim Galaxy S10 cases


Thin Cases for Galaxy S10
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The Galaxy S10 is thin and beautiful, but it's also fragile and expensive, so be a dear and at least put it in a thin case so it has some protection from the big bad world. Not all cases are multi-stage tanks like OtterBoxes, and not all thin cases are just for show. These cases have the looks, lithe figures, and at least some measure of protection for your phone. Plus, you don't lose any of the S10's thinness.

Grippy and slim:

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Staff pick

This case is grippier and more interesting than the classic Spigen Rugged Armor while also feeling slimmer in the hand. If only it came in more colors.

Thinnest case around:

Totallee Ultra Thin

Totallee's cases are jaw-droppingly thin, safeguarding your Galaxy S10 from scuffs and smudges without sacrificing its lithe look.

A rainbow of color choices:

Goospery Pearl Jelly Slim Thin Case

This squishy TPU case comes in nine color styles — including a clear option — so that you can get the shade that best suits your style or wardrobe.

$9 at Amazon

Clear as crystal:

Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Liquid Crystal line is my favorite clear case around — only surpassed by its Glitter variant — because it's thin, grippy, and doesn't get in the way.

Handy case:

Olixar Survival Case

This handy case makes your phone even more helpful as it includes a bottle opener, wrenches, a screwdriver, and other tools in a slim package.

$35 at Amazon

Put some sparkle in your life:

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

This is the better version of the Liquid Crystal case, with glitter embedded inside that obscures scratches, scuffs, and IMEI information on the back of your phone.


$13 at Amazon

Thin candy cover:

Anccer Ultra Thin Fit

These thin, hard-shell cases may not add much drop protection, but it does give that glass back some extra scratch protection and grip.

$8 at Amazon

Slim isn’t simple

When it comes to thin, you really can't get much thinner or classier than the Totallee case, which has become the name in thin cases over the last two years, but the Spigen Air Armor comes close to that thinness and I dig that textured back design with its extra grip more.

It's also worth noting that while I adore the two Redbubble cases mentioned here, there are quite literally millions of thin hardshell cases with unique designs that can bring tons of personality to your case. No matter your tastes, I bet you can find a case there that matches your style.

However, if you find that thin cases aren't for you, you might want to check out our list of the best overall Galaxy S10 cases.

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Why not show off your Galaxy S10 with a clear case?Why not show off your Galaxy S10 with a clear case?

Why not show off your Galaxy S10 with a clear case?

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