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Save up to $90 on TCL’s latest Android phones in this Prime Day deal


TCL 10 Pro and 10LSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

One of the most popular categories of products searched for this Prime Day has been smartphones, and specifically, folks looking for the best Android smartphone deals. We've seen some great deals on flagships from Samsung and budget options from the likes of Motorola and Nokia, but the deal that has this Android nerd the most excited is the somewhat hidden deal going on right now for TCL's latest smartphones — the TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10 L.

TCL 10 Pro | $90 off with clickable coupon at Amazon

The 10 Pro may have slid under the masses' radar, but we didn't ignore it as a great 2020 entry from TCL. For under $400, you get an amazing display, great cameras, and a premium flagship-quality build. And don't miss out on that Forest Mint Green color!

TCL 10L | $50 off with clickable coupon at Amazon

The TCL 10L is one of the most underrated phones of the year, and that's a darn shame. You're getting a lot with this phone without having to spend much cash, including a great display, clean software, and a big battery.

TCL has a well-established track record for making affordable TVs and display panels that are stunning, including a popular line of Android and Roku-enabled TVs. 2020 saw the company dip its toes into a new space with the entry of two really great smartphones, the 10 Pro and 10 L.

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Okay, technically TCL is not new to the smartphone game. After all, the company was responsible for manufacturing smartphones for other brands, such as Blackberry's recent offerings. So it should come as no surprise that it was ready and willing to enter the market with two unsurprisingly beautiful and capable Android handsets of its own.

Starting at the upper end of the entry-level, the TCL 10 L is a fantastic value, featuring NFC payments, a rear fingerprint sensor, a customizable Smart Key, and TCL's stunning NXTVISION display technology. It features a premium-looking plastic back and comes in a gorgeous Mariana Blue color. During Prime Day 2020, the TCL 10 L is discounted $50 to a low price of just $200.

The higher-end but still very affordable TCL 10 Pro made our list of the top Android phones for 2020 thanks to its solid build, great camera setup, and fantastic styling. It features an in-display fingerprint reader and the same customizable Smart Key and NXTVISION display as the 10 L. The phone's back is durable glass and comes in a smoky Ember Grey and what I think is the best-looking phone color of the year, Forest Mist Green. During Prime Day 2020, the TCL 10 Pro is discounted below the magic $400 mark to $360.

NOTE: In order to get the discounted price on these phones, you will need to click/tap the coupon box under the price.

TCL 10 Pro Prime Day deal

TCL 10 Pro Prime Day dealSource: Android Central

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