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Save up to $70 on Amazon’s Fire TV Editions including 4K sets for Prime Day


Amazon has discounted two Fire TV Edition lineups from Toshiba and Insignia. These are advanced smart TVs that vary in size and resolution. The one thing they all have in common is access to Amazon's fantastic and easy-to-use Fire TV smart platform.

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Amazon Fire TV Editions from Toshiba and Insignia

These smart TVs are part of a cooperative effort between Amazon and Best Buy to come up with an affordable, marketable TV. The resolutions vary from 720p to 4K. The sizes vary from 24 inches to 55. And the smart TV is one of the best platforms around.

As low as $80

So the Fire TV smart platform is just a great and simple way to access all your favorite binge-watching media in one place. For one thing, if you're getting one of these Fire TV deals then you have to be an Amazon Prime member. If that's the case, then you have full access to Prime Video, which means you can stream all those movies and TV shows and rent ones that aren't automatically free. You can easily access all of that. But then you can also access other apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. You can even integrate over-the-air TV and use the included voice remote to search the platform using Amazon Alexa.


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Like mentioned before, the TV options are pretty widely varied. If you need something simple for a kids room or bedroom, grab the Insignia 24-inch Fire TV Edition. It is only $79.99 and the lowest possible price available. That deal price is even the lowest we've ever seen with the usual price varying between $100 and $150.

Or you can go with the Toshiba 55-inch Fire TV Edition. The Fire TV Editions were originally a collaboration between Amazon and Best Buy, so you actually do have to go to Best Buy for this one. However, the price is $50 off what the 55-inch Toshiba normally goes for. It's a great deal.

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