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Samsung’s new smartphone OLED panel offers improved outdoor visibility and brightness


Samsung’s display-making arm – Samsung Display – has today unveiled an improved OLED display that is claimed to solve the outdoor visibility woes of smartphones. It is quite common to notice that text and images, especially those with a dark background, appear a lot dimmer and less legible when viewed under sunlight. The latest innovation from Samsung Display claims to produce brighter colors and offers improved outdoor visibility. The company adds that its new OLED panel has been certified by UL for its ‘Sunlight Visibility’ performance. Also, Samsung has already used this improved OLED panel on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Higher brightness, beter outdoor visibility, vivid colors, and over 1,500 nits brightness

The South Korean electronics giant mentions in its press release that its upgraded OLED panel employs a proprietary light-emitting mechanism to produce colors that result in more vivid shades and a higher degree of chroma in outdoor conditions. The company adds that its latest display innovation has managed to achieve an Ambient Color Gamut rating of 73% on the DCI-P3 scale. More importantly, it is claimed to offer a brightness output of over 1,500 nits

, which is quite impressive.

Samsung says it is relying on new organic material to make its improved OLED panel that will mostly be used on flagships and high-end 5G-ready phones. “Though it can be used with many types of smartphones, Samsung’s new OLED is particularly well suited for 5G devices as it will provide greater device usability and therein, more value for consumers,”

said Dennis Choi, VP & Head of Mobile Display Marketing Team at Samsung Display.

Samsung will offer its new OLED panel to rival smartphone makers too

The new OLED panel will appear on more Samsung flagships and high-end 5G phones

Aside from making its way to Samsung’s own upcoming flagships, the company also expects other smartphone makers to utilize its new and improved OLED display. In addition to offering better color reproduction under sunlight and higher brightness, the next-gen display offering by Samsung is also said to reduce power consumption as well.

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