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Samsung will showcase a brand new sliding phone concept at CES 2020


Samsung‘s been using their flexible displays for many different devices lately. They’ve had the infamous Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the sequel to that device is coming soon as well, So, what’s next on the list for Samsung? Apparently it’s sliding phones according to reports.


We’ve heard Korean media report that Samsung has set up a private booth over at CES 2020 to showcase its concept slideable display phone to potential customers. If this is true, it’s fully possible the company might showcase a device like this at said booth. It’s not a stretch, and it would be an impressive showcase of the company’s engineering prowess. The question is, what exactly would these devices look like?

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These sliding phone patents (courtesy of LetsGoDigital) show us a few Samsung sliding phone concepts for two devices, one extremely long, and another that’s wider. They’re fairly unconventional, but it’s possible the company can find some practical use for it. What’s interesting about these however is that we might be able to see them very soon.

Samsung has done this before with foldable phones the last few CES expos to gauge acceptance, and those actually materialized, so the slide-out handset may be commercialized at some point, too. It’d be interesting to see if Samsung can push out their first sliding device before competitors like Xiaomi and LG come out with theirs.


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