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Samsung users complain of their Blu-ray players not working


Many user have recently started complaining that their Samsung Blu-ray players have stopped working. According to hundreds of people, the Blu-ray players from the South Korean tech giant are stuck in an infinite boot loop when being turned on. Others reported hearing buzzing noises as well, but with no apparent reason.


The Blu-ray players from Samsung have reportedly stopped functioning properly since Friday, last week. Apart from the endless boot cycle, a few devices have stopped responding altogether to any button presses or commands. Furthermore, the buzzing noise is similar to the Blu-ray players trying to read a disk, despite the users not putting any disk in the player.

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This may be suggestive of an inherent hardware flaw. The issues being faced by Samsung products are not limited to any particular Blu-ray player model, which may suggest that it is likely related to software issues. However, brands don’t generally roll out a firmware update that is common across multiple different models and lineups.



At the moment, even the support staff from Samsung have no idea what the problem actually is. An official statement has been given regarding an investigation being started to look into the issue. ZDNet claims that the problem might be related to an expired SSL certificate, which is basically what the Blu-ray players use to connect to Samsung’s servers. Although, that is yet to be confirmed.

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