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Samsung unveils a 110-inch MicroLED 4K TV and it ain’t cheap


Samsung has lifted the covers from its latest home entertainment product – a 110-inch MicroLED 4K TV. The company claims that it is offering a MicroLED panel on a traditional TV form factor for the first time, which means it can be installed straight out of the box without any professional help, unlike the Wall series of TVs. The new Samsung MicroLED TV has a bezel-less design and comes with an advanced audio system that delivers 5.1-channel sound without any external speakers.

It costs a bomb!

But before we talk more about Samsung’s latest offering, let’s get the price out of the way first. As per a report from The Korea Herald, the 110-inch 4K MicroLED TV costs 170 million Won which translates to a little over $156,200 based on the current conversion rate. It will be available for purchase in the overseas markers somewhere around January next year. As we said in the headline itself, this is an extravagant machine for the uber-rich Samsung customers.

But what is MicroLED?

Bezel-less design with no external speakers

MicroLED is touted to be the next major evolution in display technology. Just like an OLED panen, is self-illuminating, but instead of organic material, a MicroLED panel uses inorganic materials that last longer

hours of usage. The panel on Samsung’s latest 110-inch TV covers 100% of the DCPI and Adobe RGB color gamut, and supports 4K HDR content playback. Plus, MicroLED p anels offer ah higher brightness compared to OLED panels and are also more energy-efficient, since they lack a color filter. So, a MicroLED panel essentially offers all the benefits of an OLED screen, but with none of its drawbacks

Now, coming back to the TV itself. The 110-inch panel offers a 4K resolution and comes with an Object Tracking Sound Pro feature that tracks on-screen objects accordingly adjusts the direction of sound projection to follow the action. As for the audio hardware, Samsung is calling it the Majestic Sound System which delivers a 5.1 channel output without any external speakers.

The pricey Samsung device has a bezel-less design with a 99.99% screen-to-body ratio. Users can also divide the screen real-estate into four 55-inch split-screen windows to enjoy content from multiple sources. Samsung says it has developed a new surface mount technology that eases the production of MicroLED panels that are easy to manufacture and install. Thanks to the breakthrough, Samsung plans to launch smaller MicroLED TVs in the future.

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