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Samsung: The Galaxy S21 is selling 30% more in South Korea


Earlier this week, Samsung Electronics stated that its Galaxy S21 series of flagship smartphones were selling 30 percent higher in comparison to its predecessor, the Galaxy S20, in South Korea.

samsung galaxy s21 vs s21 ultra featured
Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S21 Ultra

The South Korea based tech giant made the statement by comparing the sales within the first eleven days of both series’ launch. Furthermore, the base Galaxy S21 accounted for 40 percent of the entire sales within the series, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra accounted for 36 percent. Lastly, the Galaxy S21 Plus accounted for just 24 percent of all sales from the series, as per TheElec report.

The company also stated that the phantom black was the most popular color for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, while the phantom violet color variant was the most popular for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus. Out of the overall sales, direct purchases accounted for 30 percent of the sales, which was double that for the Galaxy S20. Additionally, 60 percent of all Galaxy S21 series model were bought online in direct purchases.


Samsung  Galaxy S21 Series Plus Ultra Featured


Similarly, the Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless earbuds from the company also saw sales that were double that of its predecessor during this period. Samsung added that it expected the demand to spike as well from March to April this year, due to customers that are nearing the end of their two year contracts for their current Galaxy S flagship smartphones. In other words, the current premium grade handset from the popular brand is performing noticeably better in its home market, when compared to its previous iteration.



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