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Samsung takes it against Apple for ditching power adapters after iPhone 12 launch


Apple went through with its plans to remove power adapters and wired EarPods with the arrival of the latest iPhone 12 lineup, as it claims that this is the best alternative for the planet, not because they are trying to cut costs. They didn’t stop there, as we also know that the latest iPhone SE, last year’s iPhone 11, and iPhone XR are now also selling without a power adapter and earbuds in the box. This decision hasn’t been passed by the competition to mock Cupertino and put their devices in the spotlight.

Samsung has recently posted a couple of images on Samsung and Twitter, mocking Apple’s decision to remove power adapters and earphones from the boxes of their new iPhone 12 lineup and other iPhone models. One of the first images was found on Samsung’s Facebook page, where they posted a power adapter and a message that read “Included with your Galaxy.”

Apple claims that removing power adapters and earphones with iPhone purchases will let the company “cut down on carbon emissions both through the elimination of the accessories and through the smaller box size iPhones now use.”

Of course, speculation claims that Apple’s real reason is far from environmental reasons, as the accessories may have been removed to cut costs due to the new 5G modem used in the latest iPhone. So, removing those accessories from previous iPhone models would be just an extra boost for Apple sales, as they are still selling power adapters and wired earphones in its Store.


Samsung is also making fun of the fact that iPhones have just managed to include 5G into their devices, while Samsung’s flagships have had this feature since early 2019. And let’s not forget 120Hz displays, which are also missing from the iPhone 12 lineup, but rumors suggest that we may get them in next year’s iPhone 13.

Whatever the case, we don’t believe that Samsung has the right to mock Apple on decisions that may also be taken by the South Korean company in the upcoming years. Let’s remember that Samsung already mocked Apple when it removed the headphone jack or when it started using the notch, but in the end, most OEMs followed Apple’s steps. Samsung has even been rumored to be planning on removing power adapters from its future devices; however, it is honest as to the real reasons behind this possible change.

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