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Samsung SmartThings introduces ‘SmartThings Labs’, adds more TV control features


Samsung is constantly updating its SmartThings app. It recently introduced ‘SmartThings Find’, which can help you locate your Galaxy devices including smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches. Now, the company is rolling out ‘SmartThings Labs’ as an added service within the current SmartThings app.

“In SmartThings’ ongoing mission to make technology advancements to enhance the user experience, SmartThings Labs offers advanced access to upcoming features for consumers to test ahead of release. With the ability to provide real-time feedback directly to engineers, SmartThings Labs empowers users to assist in SmartThings’ spur of innovation in IoT technology,” said Samsung in a press release.

Kicking off the debut of SmartThings Labs, users will be able to test services within SmartThings, including:

  • Universal Remote Control – Control multiple devices on a single screen, selecting the specific devices a user wants to display
  • Virtual Switch – Create virtual switches that can be used in scenes and automation without buying physical devices
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  • TV Quick Control – Add TV Control widget on the notification panel and lock screen on your phone
  • Device as a Bluetooth Keyboard – Users can key input into their television, and accompanying apps, through the Bluetooth keyboard

SmartThings Labs will rollout additional features in the coming months, including the ability to use old Galaxy devices as monitors and cameras as part of Samsung’s upcycling program.


“We are committed to enhancing our user experience and SmartThings Labs allows users to be actively engaged in our testing process, providing valuable feedback for our engineers,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President at Samsung Electronics. “The goal is to allow SmartThings users to enjoy useful and practical features, which may join the commercial SmartThings app one day.”

As of now, only SmartThings Android app users in the US and South Korea have access to SmartThings Labs.

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