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Samsung reveals the pricing for the 4K QLED TV series & The Frame 2021


In January, South Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled its 2021 lineup of the Frame smart TV alongside the Neo 4K QLED TV at CES 2021. Since then, there has been no word about the pricing and availability even though the Neo QLED TV was recently crowned as the best TV of all time by German AV magazine.

The 2021 Frame
The Frame (2021)

The prices of the TV models have now been announced by Samsung , since customers were kept in suspense about the prices during the CES event last month. The prices released show that interested fans or customers will part with a minimum of $549 for the base model.

The unique concept behind the Fr ame TV is that it serves a dual purpose of both a television and a picture frame, and can be deployed to display choice works of art whether in landscape or portrait view. The Frame 2021 and 4K QLED TVs come in different sizes and reflect significant improvements in quality and sleekness over their predecessors.


The Samsung 4K QLED TV series has the Q60A as the lowest-priced model. In total, there are eight different screen sizes beginning with the 43-inch Q60A priced at $549, while the 85-inch model at the other end of the spectrum goes for a steep $2,599.


The prices of the Q70A series start from $950 for the 55-inch model, while the 85-inch model goes for about $3,000. In addition, the premium offering for 2021 is the Q80A series costing between $1,300 for the 55″ model and a princely $3,700 for the 85″ model.

On the other hand, the prices of the Frame TVs begin at $999 for the 43-inch model. There are also 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″ and 75 inches models with the 75-inch model priced at $2,999.

Samsung also indicated that most of the models in the entire lineup will start shipping next month while some of the sizes will be released in April.




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