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Samsung releases Smartwatch App to remind users to Wash their Hands


Samsung released an app for its Galaxy smartwatches to help wearers wash their hands on a regular basis. The app called ‘Hand Wash’ can be downloaded from the Galaxy App store.

Since there’s no cure for COVID-19, the only way to safeguard ourselves from the novel coronavirus is through prevention. As WHO (World Health Organization) notes, it can be only done by maintaining social distance and washing hands for at least 20 seconds from time to time.

Samsung Hand Wash App

And that’s what the world has been doing for the past few months. However, as days pass by, we tend to forget washing hands properly for the suggested time duration, which is essential to wash away potential viruses from our hands.

Thus, a small group of designers and developers from Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore or SRI-B’s UX and wearable teams have come up with an app called ‘Hand Wash’ for Galaxy smartwatches. The team developed the app within two weeks of time by working at their respective homes.


The app not only prompts the users to wash their hands but also helps in tracking their handwashing trends to build into a habit. Once initiated, the ‘Hand Wash’ timer will run for 25 seconds, which includes 5 seconds for turning on the tap and applying soap and 20 seconds for actual hand wash.


The reminders on ‘Hand Wash’ app are customizable, which means users can set as many as number of hand wash cycles per day as per their wish. Lastly, the app also comes with an elegant watch face that shows the time along with the number of hand washes completed as well as when it was last carried out.

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