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Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs 2021, 8K TVs go up for pre-order


Samsung announced the New QLED 2021 TV series at CES 2021. These upgrade the viewing experience by utilizing an all-new light source technology. With smaller LED lights, more lights can be packed in the same space. Now, the company has announced their price. Moreover, these devices are now up for pre-order.

Unlike other LED backlights, the Q900 eliminates lenses that capture and transmit light from the backlight. Instead, each compact LED chip is designed to emit light on its own. Brightness is more finely controlled as well. The new Quantum Processor comes with AI to optimize 8K picture and industry-first Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling and make sound correspond to onscreen movement with Virtual Object Tracking Sound. It measures just 0.9mm thin.

You can use Remote Access on Samsung devices that allows you to connect various devices to Smart TVs—so you can surf the web or play games from your TV screen with a connected mouse, keyboard, and PC. And when you need to get some work done, you can also directly access MS Office 365 through the TV’s web browser. Now, you can simply install an app on your computer and log into your Samsung Account—and your TV will automatically connect.


You can also use Samsung Multi-View, which is a platform built into all Samsung QLED TVs. With Multi-View, you can enjoy all your favorite content—all at once—on your TV, from cable channels to streaming platforms to apps to gaming consoles to content from your wireless devices. It is cost-free.


The 65-inch QN900A Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV 2021 costs $4,999.99. Further, the 65-inch QN800A Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (2021) is available for $3,499.99. On the other hand, the 55-inch variants are priced at $1,799.99 and $1,599.99. You can pre-order them here.

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