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Samsung may launch a triple folding tablet and a “transparent display phone” next year


Samsung has an interesting lineup of devices planned for 2021. It will kick off the year with the launch of the Galaxy S21 series on January 14. It also has a handful of foldable phones planned for next year including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and possible lite versions of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. However, if a new report is true, then none of these devices are as exciting as two others Samsung has planned for next year.

According to the leaker Tron (@cozyplanes), Samsung has a triple foldable tablet, if you can call it that, planned for 2021. It also has a transparent display phone scheduled for next year too!

The triple foldable tablet is definitely a device that has its screen divided into three parts but has two hinges. This should be similar to what we have seen from Xiaomi and TCL but it remains to be seen which of the designs Samsung will adopt for its own foldable as both manufacturers use different designs.

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Moving on to the transparent display phone, we want to believe this is a phone that has its components at the bottom rather than behind the screen and then projects content onto a display that appears to be transparent but actually isn’t. Think of it as Xiaomi’s Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Editio

n but on a much smaller scale, one that fits into your pocket. This post explains how the technology works.

The leaker also mentions that Samsung is planning to launch “scrollables” and “rollables”. TCL already showed us a concept scrollable device earlier this year and a few months ago, it demoed a concept rollable device

. LG will also unveil its first (sc)rollable smartphone in the first half of 2021. It appears Samsung doesn’t want to play catch up, so it is planning to announce its own too next year.

Tron adds in a reply to the tweet that Samsung is also planning a legendary product that we “never thought to happen”. We hope more details of this device surfaces soon.

Which of these devices are you most excited about? Do Let us know in the comment box below.

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