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Samsung launches Galaxy Watch3 Titanium & Galaxy Watch3 Titanium PXG Edition


Last month, Samsung released Galaxy Watch3 as the direct successor to the original Galaxy Watch from 2018. It is currently on sale in a number of markets. Within a month of its debut, the company now launches a new special edition of this smartwatch called Galaxy Watch3 Titanium. This wearable will go on sale in select markets starting September 18.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium Featured
Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium

As the name suggests, the casing of Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is made of Titanium with an adjustable metal strap. It will be available in a single 45mm size variant with Bluetooth only option in Mystic Black color.

The newly announced Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is Samsung’s first-ever titanium smartwatch. The company says that it is elegant, lightweight, and durable. It also comes with the SMART CADDIE app, which includes data of over 40,000 golf courses around the world. This wearable is a perfect companion for golfers.

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That said, apart from the use of different material and a special golf application, the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is exactly the same in terms of features as it comes with identical internals, rotating bezel, and display as the regular version.

Additionally, the South Korean tech giant also announced a limited edition of this smartwatch called Galaxy Watch3 Titanium PXG Edition in collaboration with premium golf equipment company Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG).

This version of the watch will feature a PXG logo and will ship with PXG watch face as well as PXG accessories. Most importantly, only 1,000 units of this model will be available for purchase.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is priced at KRW 770,000 ($652), whereas the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium will retail for KRW 990,000 ($839) in South Korea.

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