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Samsung India unveils the Galaxy S21+ 5G Kvadrat case made from recycled material


Samsung joined Apple to remove the charging adapter from the retail box of its flagship Galaxy S21 series, citing the need to conserve the environment. Curiously, the action was carried out not too long after Samsung mocked Apple for the adapter removal. To demonstrate its resolve to conserve the environment, the Korean tech giant has teamed up with a premium textile brand in India called Kvadrat to launch eco-friendly protective cases for the Galaxy S21+ 5G.

The partnership will see both firms produce mobile accessories that are recyclable and promote sustainable production methods. Kvadrat claims the exterior, interior, and hooks of the protective case are manufactured using upcycled materials and a production method that sustains the environment. In case you don’t know, Upcycling is the process of transforming end-of-life products into new materials that offer superior quality than the original product and also benefit the environment. The process is also known as ‘creative reuse’

In addition, the company disclosed that the new protective cases will be shipped in sustainable packaging that is produced entirely from paper which is biodegradable. There is absolutely no plastic that leaves behind wastes that are non-degradable.


Talking about the phone case, they are manufactured from re-purposed 500ml plastic bottles that are converted into textile yarns through melting and reformation processes. The recycled yarns help reduce the number of plastic bottles which are a challenge to marine life. Samsung also noted that the melting and reformation processes are carried out in a way that reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during manufacturing as compared with traditional material processes.


As for the pricing, the Galaxy S21+ 5G Kvadrat case carries a decent price tag of Rs. 2499 (~$34) and comes in Violet and Gray colours. The cases are available from Samsung India online and offline stores.



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