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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 users are complaining about screen protector bubbling


When Samsung first introduced its first foldable smartphone — Galaxy Fold, the company had to recall the units and delay the launch after learning about issues related to the display. The company made some changes and relaunched the device.

Later, when the South Korean giant launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it further improved the mechanism and the built-in screen protector was tucked inside the bezels so that the users won’t accidentally remove it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Screen Protector Bubbling

The company is offering an extra protective layer on top of the display, which can be removed by the users if they want. But many users decided to keep it given that the company recommends visiting the Samsung Store for safe removal.

But now, some of the users of Galaxy Z Fold 2 are complaining on Reddit and other forums (via SamMobile) about the foldable smartphone‘s protector layer bubbling up around the crease. While the reason behind this issue is not known, it’s safe to assume that the issue is likely related to the fold/unfold mechanism.


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For the bubbling effect, there needs to be a gap for the air to seep through between the display and the protective layer from somewhere. It’s possible that numerous fold and unfold actions could have lead to a gap, allowing air to pass through.


To solve the issue, the user can simply remove the protective layer from the top as the issue isn’t related to the screen itself or hardware. There are also several options available as a replacement for the protective film.

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