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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could support 120Hz at QHD+ resolution


We are less than ten days away from the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, where we will most likely see the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Rumors have already revealed everything there is to know about each of the upcoming variants. Still, a new rumor doesn’t hurt, and more if it mentions interesting information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s new display.

According to a new leak, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the company’s first device to feature a QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The leak comes from a well-known source with a positive record. It shows a possible screenshot of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display settings interface, where we find options such as Motion smoothness, Eye comfort shield, and the Screen resolution set at WQHD+ (32000×1440), which would confirm previous rumors.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series already has 120Hz refresh rates and QHD+ resolutions, so why is this a big deal? The difference is that the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will allow users to activate 120Hz refresh rates while being in QHD+ resolution, while the Galaxy S20 series forced users to decide between one feature or the other.


Further, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may end up being the best choice for Samsung fans. Previous rumors claimed that Samsung was already planning on removing expandable storage space from the upcoming Galaxy S series, but we recently saw that the S21 Ultra may still come with this feature


Suppose you want to know more details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series, such as the possible color options, specs, camera details, and even possible price tags for the European and US markets. In that case, you may want to take a look at this link. Now, we only have to wait a bit longer to see if Samsung leaves the power adapters and other accessories out of the box of its new flagship.

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