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Samsung Galaxy S21 series sales top 1 million units in South Korea


The world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, has announced that the domestic sales of the company’s new flagship smartphone lineup — the Galaxy S21 series, has surpassed the 1 million units mark last week.

As per the claims by Samsung, the Galaxy S21 series, which was released on 29th January, has managed to achieve this milestone in 57 days of its launch. This is about one month faster than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra featured
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

While the pace of sales for the new lineup seems faster than its predecessor, it is still slower than the S10 series launched in the year 2019, which topped the 1 million mark for its units in just 47 days.

Samsung usually announces its new S-series flagship smartphones around mid-February every year but this time, the company launched the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in the month of January, that too with comparatively lower price tags.


In South Korea, the S21 was priced at 999,900 won (~$880), which is cheaper than the low-end S20 last year priced at 1.24 million won. This has also helped the company boost its sales numbers within this time frame.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 accounted for 52 percent of the total S21-series sales, followed by the Galaxy S21 Ultra

with 27 percent and Galaxy S21 Plus with 21 percent. The lineup accounted for 20 percent of the company’s total sales in South Korea and 60 percent of them were purchased online.



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