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Samsung Galaxy S21 iFixit Teardown reveals repairing is easier than the Galaxy S20


iFixit has recently took apart a new device. It was the Samsung Galaxy S21, which received a repairability rating of 4 out of 10. Despite such a modest result, the flagship was still better than its predecessor the Galaxy S20.

While iFixit never officially posted an official rating for the Galaxy S20, the South Korean tech giant’s latest flagship is clearly more easier to repair, as per a GSMArena

report. Looking at the video, it can be observed that the plastic back is easier to remove than a glass panel. Furthermore, the flat display is also easier to remove as well, which is also now made to be detachable. The reasons for the relatively low score is the difficulty in removing the battery and the display.

Samsung also glues the batteries in the Galaxy S21, rather than having a pull tab that makes it easier. The tear down also offers interesting side by side shots of the new fingerprint scanner as well. We can observe that the Galaxy S20 Ultra featured a much larger a sensor that covered more surface area under the hood.



In recent times, premium grade handsets have been seen having complex internal configurations that have made it harder for the device to be repaired. Although, not great, Samsung has still made a few improvements in this regard. You can check out the video above to see the tear down from iFixit.



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