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Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and more devices are on sale


We start today’s deals with one of the best devices available in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is still on sale over at You can grab yours for as low as $75 when you go for a device locked to your favorite carrier in the United States. However, you can also choose to grab one unlocked, which will set you back $100, and both options start with 128GB storage space. Next up is the Galaxy S21 Plus. This device can be yours locked for $200 or get the unlocked option for $300, and finally, the Galaxy S21 Ultra that’s the only variant to feature a glass back panel is selling for $500 unlocked or $400 locked to the carrier of your choice.

Just remember that you must have an eligible device to trade-in if you wish to apply to these amazing discounts. You will also get Samsung Credit to use towards accessories and other devices, but the device you choose will determine how much you get, since the vanilla Galaxy S21 ill get you $50, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with $100. You will also receive a Galaxy SmartTag and four months of YouTube Premium for free upon purchase. And if you’re still interested in getting last year’s Galaxy S20, you can get the FE version for $425.

    Samsung Galaxy S21
    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

If you’re looking for previous Samsung Galaxy devices, you can still score the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 for $1,000 after a $1,000 discount with an eligible trade-in. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Z Flip 5G are also on sale, and you can grab the LTE-only version for $300; and it may be hard to believe, but the 5G version is available for just $200. All of these phones come with 256GB storage space, and they will also get you six months of Spotify Premium and four months of YouTube Premium for free.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is also on sale, and you can grab one for just $450 if you want the entry-level variant with a plastic backplate and a flat display, or grab the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for $550 with a better camera, and a glass back panel. Both devices come with 128GB storage and almost identical internals.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20

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