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Samsung Galaxy S20 series accessories supply is delayed by the Coronavirus outbreak in China


Recently, China has been affected by one of the worst viral outbreak to have ever plagued the country. The Coronavirus has been a cause for global alarm and has become a major epidemic in China’s Wuhan district. This, in turn, has also affected the supply chain or various different industries, including electronics. Now, it is being reported that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series’ accessories supply will also be delayed.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series LED covers (Unconfirmed leaks)

According to the source, various manufacturers sent letters that address delays in accessories shipment due to the ongoing viral outbreak. Furthermore, due to this, the local government has also extended the Chinese New Year holidays as a method to combat the spread of the infection. In other words, areas like factories that generally have a large number of people are seeing their operations suspended as a means of precaution.

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Notably, the products made in China that are being sold in the western markets will go through stricter control, which will inevitably delay shipments. Samsung’s Unpacked

, where the South Korean tech giant is expected to reveal its 2020 flagship lineup, is less than two weeks away. Keep in mind, this is during a time of extended Chinese New Year holidays and Coronavirus spreading. So, it comes as no surprise that smartphones being released at this particular time frame will see delays in certain cases.
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Thus, one would be considered lucky if they manage to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S20 series accessory early during its launch. Currently, it is expected that the shortage of stocks and delays in shipment will persist for an unavoidable short period of time, but should recover in the month to follow.

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