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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could bring the same battery size as the S20


We have started receiving leaks concerning the specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. We are still several months away from its launch since Samsung is still planning to launch this and maybe other devices in August despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we get new information on behalf of the Galaxy Club that mentions the battery size of the Galaxy Note 20.

It seems that the base model of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could arrive with a battery with the same 4,000mAh capacity as the one in the Samsung Galaxy S20. In other words, we could get 500mAh more than what we received in the G alaxy Note 10. We can also expect the release of two new variants, as last year, and the top-tier model could arrive with a 4,500mAh or a 5,000mAh battery like the one found in the Galaxy S20+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra. A 4,500mAh battery could suggest that this Note 20+ could be more like the Galaxy S20+ in features and specs, while the 5,000mAh could indicate a device that would match the specs in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


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