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Samsung Galaxy Fold launches in yet another country tomorrow – Indonesia

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is already available in multiple countries across the globe. Tomorrow, the Fold will be available for pre-order in yet another country, this time in Asia – Indonesia. The official Samsung Indonesia website has a count down timer that shows there’s still more than 12 hours left for the pre-orders to begin the country.

As with other markets, the Galaxy Fold is expected to come in limited quantities and is only available via pre-orders. Also, the company adds that the units will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Inside the box, you’ll get a pair of Galaxy buds and a case along with the foldable.

Note that Samsung is yet to reveal the official price tag of the Galaxy Fold 4G in Indonesia. Expect that information to surface tomorrow when the pre-orders begin. For your reference, the Galaxy Fold 4G launched in the U.S. for $1980 which comes to 27 million Indonesian Rupiah.

It is worth adding that the next generation of the Galaxy Fold is expected to release in February 2020 at a cheaper price tag. So it remains to be seen if people are ready to shell out thousands of dollars for the current generation model, just a couple of months before its successor launches in the market.

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