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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Samsung Chromebook Plus V2: Which one is better?


Samsung’s portfolio currently offers a wide range of Chromebooks across different price brackets, ranging from $1000 premium machines to affordable systems targeted at schools. The latest from Samsung – the Galaxy Chromebook 2- sits somewhere in between, aiming to strike a balance between performance and pricing without making any serious concessions when it comes to the looks and feel of the machine. However, the company also offers a tad cheaper option in the form of the Galaxy Chromebook Plus V2 as well. Torn between the two? Read this comparison to find out which one’s the right device for you:

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Samsung Chromebook Plus V2
Dimensions 304.9 x 203.2 x 13.9mm 11.35″ x 8.20″ x 0.67″~0.70″
Weight 1.23kg
Display 13.3-inch QLED
FHD (1920 x 1080) with Touchscreen
OS Chrome OS Chrome OS
CPU 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U
Intel Celeron 5205U
Intel Celeron 3965Y
Intel Core m3 7Y30
Graphic Intel UHD Graphics Intel HD graphics 615
Memory 4GB / 8GB (LPDDR3) 4GB (LPDDR3)
Storage 64GB / 128GB 32GB or 64GB
Camera 720P HD (1MP) 1MP HD front camera
13MP world-facing camera on
keyboard deck
Audio Stereo Speakers (Max 5Wx 2) with Smart AMP 1.5 W x 2 stereo speakers
Pen USI Pen support (sold separately) Built-in S Pen
WLAN Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), 802.11 ax 2×2
Bluetooth v5.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
Bluetooth v4.0
Battery 45.5Wh (Typical) 39 Wh
Ports 2x USB-C
1x Headphone/Mic
1x MicroSD slot
1x USB3.0
2x USB-C
1x MicroSD
1x Headphone/Mic

Design and build quality

Starting with the design, both the machines rock a metallic build but take a very different route when it comes to aesthetics. The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 employs polished metal and plastic has rounded edges and thick bezels around the display. Additionally, it also has a world-facing camera on the keyboard deck, something that its pricier sibling misses out on. And despite being smaller, it is thicker and heavier too.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2
Image: Samsung

Galaxy Chromebook 2 is thinner, lighter and more elegant

The Galaxy Chromebook 2, on the other hand, offers all an-metal anodized aluminum design with squared-off edges and a brushed metal finish. It comes in a pair of colors – Fiesta Red and Mercury Gray. Additionally, it also has a backlit keyboard, something that the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 lacks.

Another key difference between the two machines is port selection. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 features two USB Type-C ports, while the Chromebook Plus V2 only has single USB Type- C port, but it adds a USB Type-A port to the mix.


Samsung Chromebook Plus V2
Image: Samsung

For multimedia consumption, Galaxy Chromebook 2's QLED display is the better choice

Now, this one is quite easy. If one of your primary criteria for buying a Chromebook is watching a lot of videos and playing games on it, the 13.4-inch FHD QLED d isplay on the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a much better choice

. As for the Chromebook Plus V2, it offers a smaller 12.2-inch FHD display with touch support that is flanked by thick bezels. You get stylus support with both devices, but for Galaxy Chromebook 2, you have to buy one separately.


The Galaxy Chromebook 2 offers you a choice between an Intel Celeron and 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, paired with up to 8 gigs of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage. As for the Chromebook Plus V2, it comes in a single configuration equipped with an Intel Core m3 processor that sits between the Celeron and Core i3 silicon inside the Galaxy Chromebook 2 in terms of raw performance. However, you only get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage inside the older Samsung offering.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2
Image: Samsung

So, if you need some added firepower for productivity tasks and want to be future-proof, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a much better deal. But if online learning is the primary use-case scenario, the Chromebook Plus V2 would serve just fine. You get a larger 45.5Wh battery on the new Samsung offering, while the Chromebook V2 Plus comes equipped with a smaller 39Wh unit that is claimed to last 10 hours on a single charge.


If you need raw processing power, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 should be your pick

Additionally, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is faster when it comes to wireless connectivity, thanks to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth v5.0 support, while Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is stuck on Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth v4.0. Both the device feature dual speakers, but the Galaxy Chromebook 2 has way more powerful twin 5W speakers with Smart AMP, while the Chromebook Plus V2’s speakers are 1.5W units.


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2
Image: Samsung

The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 starts at $499.99 for the base model with a paltry 32GB of onboard storage. As for the Galaxy Chromebook 2, it will set you back by $549.99 for the base model with an Intel Celeron processor. But if you want more raw power, the Core i3 configuration will cost you $699.9. Overall, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 offers a better build, faster and more efficient processor, higher quality display, a backlit keyboard, and a bigger battery for a slight premium, and appears to be the better deal right now.

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