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Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond certified at 3C revealing the battery capacity


South-Korea based tech giant, Samsung will release shortly, its new pair of true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones uniquely named the Galaxy Buds Beyond. The launch of the new earphones is expected to come in heels of the Galaxy Buds Live and might be available to consumers as early as mid-January of 2021 simultaneously as the Galaxy S21 series.Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung has established a growing tradition for some years now of releasing a fresh set of true wireless-enabled earphones to go with its release of the Galaxy smartphone series. The parent Galaxy buds, released in 2019, came with the release of the Galaxy S10, while this year saw the berthing of a couple of Galaxy buds including the latest Buds Live which was released together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.


The new TWS product has just recently gotten the China Compulsory Certification (CCC, also called 3C) certification. Having passed this important hurdle, the product is set for full release and it was also shown that the battery capacity of the earphones is 472 mAh.

The battery has the same capacity as the earlier Galaxy Buds Live earphones, justifying the claims that the new product is just a possible update over the Live. The model number also points remarkably to the same conclusion about the two earphones. This is because the new Galaxy Bud’s model number is EB-BR190ABY, while the previous model has number EB-BR170ABU.

The Buds Beyond is expected to be released with the Galaxy S21 smartphone in January 2021. Samsung had already gotten trademark and intellectual property control of the brand name “Galaxy Buds Beyond”, having filed a new trademark application with EUIPO and USPTO – regulatory agencies in the European Union and the United States respectively.


Although the Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond has a strong resemblance to the Galaxy Buds Live, the paucity of information on the product leads us to conclude that there might be an entirely new design on the offing, for example, a TWS earphone with several different characteristics and components from the precursor Buds Live.

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