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Samsung Display to unveil up to 10 OLED displays for Laptops at CES 2021


CES 2021 will be a virtual event due to the on-going pandemic situation. The event, which will last from Jan. 11-14, 2021, is going to witness a host of new technologies. Among them, looks like the OLED tech will gather a lot of attention. A new teaser of Samsung Display Promises OLED display with “Super Image Quality”, “Cinematic Colors” for Laptops. And it is said to unveil up to 10 displays for the same.

Samsung Display, via YouTube, shared

the features of the upcoming OLED displays. First, the video begins with the above-mentioned slogans of display qualities. Samsung then shows how the OLED will have Ultrapure RGB Colors compared to conventional OLED displays.

In fact, it indirectly hints that Samsung Display‘s OLED for laptops will have improved Sun Light legibility, HDR. Precisely, it says that a combination of Brightness x Chroma which is probably an algorithm will enhance the quality. Further, the OLED displays will also cover 120% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

That’s a whopping 46% bump up from the conventional display’s gamut as per the company. As if this wasn’t enough, Samsung says the displays will have deeper blacks even when tested at 0.0005nit, contrast ratio>1,000,000:1, 85% of the true-HDR coverage, and more.

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Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see the working prototype versions at CES 2021 and are sure that Samsung Display is going to pioneer the notebook category like it has been doing it for Smartphones and TV panels


While the YouTube video doesn’t say anything about the CES announcement, a report by says that Samsung will unveil up to 10 OLED displays for Laptops at the event. The sizes will vary from 13.3 to 16-inches and arrive in commercial products later in 2021.

Also, Samsung Display will reportedly share it with other brands breaking the stereotype of keeping it exclusive to itself. What is even surprising is that the company will likely unveil a 15.6-inch 1920×1080 pixels OLED display that will appear in products as early as February 2021. If the report is true, we might see FHD OLED laptops from Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo soon.

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