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Samsung could be working to quadruple its foldable display production


Samsung has given us some of the most popular foldable devices in the market. Now, an essential component of these foldable devices may be their foldable displays. Samsung has already started to work on selling these displays to other OEMs, but they also have to produce enough of them to satisfy the demand. Well, a new report from ET News Korea suggests that Samsung may be planning on producing up to four times their current display output.

Samsung’s current foldable display output is 260,000 per month. It plans to increase that number to reach 600,000 units per month by the end of May and up to 1 million foldable displays by the end of the year. According to sources of ET Korea News, Samsung Display is getting ready to supply the demand for flexible displays. It also plans on expanding its display production facilities in Vietnam to achieve this goal.


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