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Samsung brings the free TV streaming service Samsung TV Plus to India


Samsung launched a TV Plus service about six years ago. Now, the company is finally bringing the Free TV streaming service to India.

In a press release, the company said that all the Samsung Smart TV models (from 2017) will support the Samsung TV Plus service. For the unware, this is a service that works on the internet connection.

It basically allows you to stream free TV content, with ad-supported select live channels and on-demand videos. The best part is you don’t need a separate cable TV connection, a subscription, or any set-top box. Since everything happens with the help of an internet connection, the Samsung TV Plus app serves as a one-stop-shop.

Speaking of which, Samsung says that the support of Samsung TV Plus will also be extended to the Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets. While the exact date is known, the company quotes a rough April 2021 which should be somewhere before the month ends.

After rolling out the service exclusively to the Samsung Smart TVs, the company brought them to the mobile devices last year. While the initial list included select devices, the press release says that in India, most devices running O OS(Android Oreo

– internal codename) or higher should support it.

With the rollout for India, the South Korean giant says that Samsung TV Plus is currently supported in about 14 countries around the world. They are the US, India, Canada, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Anyway, if you own a Samsung Smart TV that is not older than 2017, you can start using the service right away. Users can download the Samsung TV Plus app on either the Samsung Galaxy Store / Google Play Store.


This service will initially include content from 27 global and local channels. However, Samsung says that it will add more Channels and content in the next few months.



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