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Samsung accounts for a massive 88% of 5G Smartphone shipments in Western Europe: H1 2020 report


Samsung is equally emphasizing on 5G smartphones just like any other brands this year. And, that seems to have paid off in H1 2020. A report by Strategy Analytics says Samsung’s 5G smartphone shipments in Western Europe almost swallowed the entire share.

Galaxy S20 series featured

The report says Samsung accounts for 88% of 5G Smartphones shipped in Western Europe for the first half(H1) of 2020. Although the total 5G shipments contribute to only about 7% of all smartphones in Western Europe, a total of 4 million units were reportedly shipped in H1 2020. And this is a record as stated by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics. He adds that the demand for 5G smartphones has surged to a whopping 4000% in the last twelve months.

2019 was still a budding year for 5G. However, companies like Huawei performed well in total 5G shipments across the globe. This was the time when Samsung and Apple didn’t venture too much into 5G. Add to this, the deployment of 5G took some time, and hence, the demand was not that much in regions like Europe. This goes in line with Ukonaho’s statement where he says demand was less than 1% in Western Europe.


Coming back, Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, says Samsung is the leader of 5G in Western Europe today. This is due to its strong lineup of devices like Galaxy S20 5G, and mid-range Galaxy A90 5G. Also, Ukonaho is quoted saying Samsung accounts for 9 in 10 5G smartphones shipped in the region.

But the dominance will reportedly come to an end after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 series. He says the 5G war in Europe has kicked off well and Samsung will face strong competition from Apple, and other Chinese companies like Xiaomi, and Oppo for the rest of 2020 including H2.

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