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Russian woman dies after her iPhone fell into the bathtub while plugged into an outlet


Smartphones have come to be a favorite companion for many people. It is quite common to see persons using their mobile phones in several places, including odd places like the toilet or bathroom. A Russian woman, however, ran out of luck while using her iPhone in the bathroom. The 24-year-old identified as Olesya Semenova was reportedly electrocuted when her iPhone fell into the water inside the bathtub she was sitting.

Miss Semenova’s lifeless body was discovered by her roommate in their apartment in Arkhangelsk, according to a report on East2West News.

“I screamed, shook her, but she was pale, did not breathe, and showed no signs of life,” her roommate Daria told the emergency operator. “I was really scared. When I touched her, I got an electric shock.”

She added that she found Semenova’s iPhone 8 in the water and it was still charging.

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Paramedics who arrived on the scene after the incident confirmed that the clothing store worker had died when the phone fell into the tub while plugged into an outlet.


The Russian emergencies ministry said in a warning after the incident; “The tragedy once again reminds us that water and an electrical appliance connected to the mains are incompatible.”

“The same applies to any mobile device. If you drown a smartphone, the worst thing is its failure,” it added. “But when it is connected to the network, we see what the consequences are,” the agency added.


This is yet another chilling story that should make us more cautious in the way we handle our smartphones and electrical appliances in general. It is the latest of a number of such fatalities that have been reported in Russia. Back in August, a 15-year-old schoolgirl identified as Anna K died in Moscow after suffering an electric shock in her bath. Also, renowned poker star Liliya Novikova was electrocuted last year in her bathroom while using an hairdryer.

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