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Retail box of the Redmi Note 10 reveals it has an AMOLED display


Just a day after an image of the Redmi Note 10 Pro’s retail box was posted on the internet, baring the design of the upcoming phone, another image, this time of the retail box of the Redmi Note 10 has surfaced too.

We get a good look at the Redmi Note 10 via a photo of its retail box which was shared on Twitter by Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd). However, unlike the retail box of the Redmi Note 10 Pro which only has the photo of the phone, this includes a few key specs as well, one of which fans will be excited for.

As shown in the photo, the Redmi Note 10 will have an FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay. The screen has a centered punch hole for the camera and has a bit of bezel at the bottom. It doesn’t mention a high refresh rate, so the screen is most likely a 60Hz one.

The retail box also says that the phone has 48MP quad (rear) cameras. The design of the camera array is similar to that of the Redmi Note 10 Pro albeit with some little differences. For example, there is no silver accent around the main camera of the Redmi Note 10 and it has a pill-shaped flash rather than a circular one. Another difference is that the Redmi Note 10 Pro appears to have a laser focus system for better focusing.


The Redmi Note 10 is shown in green on the retail box. We expect there will be other colors too and you will be able to tell what color is inside the box by the image outside.

One key info we should note is that this is the Redmi Note 10 for India. The one that will be sold in Europe and some other markets might be different.



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