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RedmiBook Pro teaser poster shows it doesn’t have a dedicated Numeric keypad


The Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro are not the only products Redmi will unveil on February 25. The manufacturer has also announced that it has a new Windows notebook coming that will launch as the RedmiBook Pro. Now a teaser poster shared today gives us an early look and it shows it is missing a feature.

The RedmiBook Pro is pictured showing off its metal chassis. The screen is half-opened, giving us a look at the bezels which appear to be pretty slim. Definitely not the thinnest we have seen on a notebook but noticeably slimmer than that of a lot of computers.

RedmiBook Pro teaser

Redmi has gone for an island-style keyboard. However, there isn’t a dedicated numeric keypad which seems to be a bummer, and its lack thereof may be a dealbreaker for those who find the feature a necessity. Our guess is that this is the 14-inch model of the RedmiBook Pro, so there is a chance the 15-inch model might have a numeric keypad.


The poster also shows that the notebook has a wide trackpad below the keyboard and a groove in the chassis that should make it easy to lift the screen open.

The RedmiBook is shown in silver but we may also get a gray variant. Though we really wouldn’t mind seeing manufacturers experiment with brighter colors when it comes to notebooks.


Redmi will not only announce the RedmiBook Pro in multiple sizes but it has also been reported that it will come in Intel and AMD versions.



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