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Redmi K40, K40 Pro could launch as Mi 11X, Mi 11X Pro in India


Xiaomi launched the K40 series in China a few days ago. Soon after that, reports started surfacing that these devices will be rebranded under POCO for the Global markets. Now, kacskrz, an XDA senior member, has found evidences of the devices and it may come to India under the ‘Mi’ branding.

Redmi K40 Pro Damascus Black Featured

As per the code snippet found by kacskrz, a Xiaomi device with ‘Mi’ branding and ‘Mi 11X‘ market name appears with model number M2012K11AI. Additionally, the codename of the device is shown as ‘aliothin’. In case you don’t know, this model number and codename belong to the Redmi K40(already certified by India’s BIS).

That is, going by the usual naming of Xiaomi, the ‘in’ at the end of ‘alioth’ should indicate that it’s an Indian variant. Similarly, another code reveals a new device called ‘Mi 11X Pro’. If the above guess turns true, then the Redmi K40 Pro should take the Mi 11X Pro naming.

Earlier today, tech influencer Mukul Sharma said that the K40 will be rebranded as POCO for the Global markets. However, it looks like the devices won’t come to India under POCO but debut as Mi 11X

, Mi 11X Pro. If that isn’t enough, a third device with the ‘Mi 11i‘ moniker suggests that it could be the rebranded Redmi K40 Pro Plus for Global markets.

The Redmi K40 Pro+ has a codename ‘haydn’ and the corresponding Mi 11i has “haydn_pro”. That said, there is no sign of this launching in India as the Mi 11i codename has “haydn_pro_global” and no ‘in’.


Last month, Manu Kumar Jain confirmed that two Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 888 devices are coming to India. If you match it with the above info, it leaves us to believe that the Mi 11 devices for India will be a rebrand of the Redmi K40, K40 Pro from China. Anyway, let’s wait for official info to confirm it.




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