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Realme eats its word, will start placing ads in ColorOS just like Xiaomi


Xiaomi made a disruptive move in 2018 when it chose to execute ads in MIUI. Truth be told, rival brand Realme even ridiculed Xiaomi for making this decision. Now, Realme has apparently bitten the bullet and declared that it will offer advertisements on its mobile phones as well. The smartphone brand made the declaration on its forum, saying that models with ColorOS 6 or higher will offer ads.

The tech giant affirmed that advertisements will show up in the Phone Manager and on the Security Check page subsequent to putting in new applications. However, imagine a scenario where you would prefer not to get advertisements on your Realme mobile phone. The br and offers a basic method to incapacitate them:

  1. Tap settings > additional settings > get recommendations
  2. Disable the get recommendations toggle
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It’s fascinating to take note of that the get recommendations toggle likewise alludes to the Download Management page as one scene for advertisements. It’s hazy whether this is a third area where ads will be placed.


While this is one of the several turn arounds we have witnessed in the industry. We recall how Samsung and Google mocked Apple for dumping the headphone jack and then inevitably did likewise. Google likewise opined that a second rear camera was pointless before adding one to the Pixel 4. Realme’s decision is quite understandable considering that their smartphones are super cheap, likely just above the profit margin. Thus, the company has to think out of the box of ways to generate income in order to maintain low pricing. Placing ads on the UI is one way.

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