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Realme confirms these phones won’t get ColorOS 7 (Android 10)


Last week Realme released the roadmap for the rollout of ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 for its phones. The rollout has 11 devices in total and is scheduled to end in Q3 2020. However, there are a number of devices missing from the list. A few days ago, Realme confirmed those phones will not be getting the update.

Apparently, there is a petition for Realme to release ColorOS 7 for the Realme 1, Realme 2, Realme C1, and Realme U1 seeing as they are missing from the rollout schedule. In response to a tweet urging the manufacturer to update the devices, the official Twitter account for Realme India Support replied the aforementioned phones will not get the ColorOS 7 update based on Android 10.

That response will surely break the hearts of owners of these devices considering the fact that all four phones were released last year.


In our opinion, we wish Realme adopted Xiaomi‘s style of updating its devices whereby older devices get new features but still stay on their current Android version.

It is no surprise that Realme has left out some devices judging from its large portfolio in about 18 months. This is bound to happen when a manufacturer keeps churning out phones. Realme is not the only manufacturer guilty of this and that isn’t to say there aren’t manufacturers with fewer products who do not abandon devices after they have been released.


Nevertheless, we believe owners of these devices will keep clamoring for an update and may be lucky enough to get Realme to change their stance.

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