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Realme 8 Pro tipped to launch in India soon with a 108MP camera & other features


Realme today held the 2021 Realme Camera Innovation event and one of the big news released during the event is that the Realme 8 Pro will debut with a 108MP Samsung HM2 1/1.52″ primary sensor from last year. The sensor will have support for 9-in-1 pixel binning and ISOCELL Plus. The camera is positioned to output superb images that have well-balanced overall exposure with vivid colors and sharp details in both bright and dark conditions thanks to a new Smart-ISO feature.Realme 8 Pro

The company also disclosed that the Realme 8 Pro’s camera will come with an In-sensor Zoom activated by the 3x mode. This feature can only use the 12MP sensor mapped with the zoomed part to generate an image. The camera will also bring a faster imaging process as a result of the smaller size of the 12MP photo. This will enable the device to capture eight 12MP photos in a row. The eight photos will then be inputted into the clarity enhancement algorithm which will then result in an increase in image clarity.

Realme also touts the Realme 8 Pro camera to arrive as the world’s first to bring Starry Time-lapse Video and tilt-shift time-lapse video on its smartphone. Starry time-lapse videos are achieved by shooting multiple clips via professional cameras and then synthesizing and combining these clips by a computer through video editing software.


Realme says it takes 480 seconds or 4 minutes to shoot 30 photos and then to generate one starry photo or a 30 fps time-lapse video. This means the time-lapse mode can show the perpetual changing universes at 480 times faster speed.

On the other hand, tilt-shift photography is achieved with the help of expensive tilt-shift lenses, which makes only a part of the photo appear clear and keeps all other parts out of focus to create a sense of a miniature world. The realme 8 series will be capable of capturing tilt-shift photos as well as 10x faster tilt-shift time-lapse videos with the help of realme’s new tilt-shift photography algorithm.


Finally, Realme tips the 8 series to arrive with three iconic filters – Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait, and AI Color Portrait.

The company is yet to announce the launch date but the Realme 8 series should arrive in India either later this month or early next month.



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