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Razer unveils the Kraken V3 X gaming headset with some exciting features


Gaming enthusiasts now have another option to choose from if they are interested in a gaming headset capable of extended use without hiccups. Razer today unveiled the Kraken V3 X very comfortable gaming headset, also capable of withstanding longer playing sessions.Razer Kraken V3 X gaming headset

The lightweight gaming headset is designed for the user’s comfort while also providing an exciting gaming experience. It comes coated with fabrics and foam that provide a cushioning effect on the ears. The gaming headset comes with soft headband padding. Gamers who may want to enjoy their games for more extended periods in comfort and without any adverse effect can turn to Razer’s Kraken V3 X headset for the required comfort.

The Kraken V3 X headset is designed with Razer’s latest technology, using the TriForce 40mm drivers, 7.1 surround sound, and Razer’s signature HyperClear Cardioid microphone. The gaming headset’s audio capability will provide a great gaming experience whenever it is used, even for prolonged periods.Razer Kraken V3 X gaming headset

The Kraken V3 X headset can be connected via USB and is compatible with PC games and PlayStation 4. The Kraken V3 X does not have wireless capability and is not compatible with Xbox gaming consoles presently.


Razer has a track record of making affordable and high-quality gaming headsets, and the Kraken V3 X joins the list of great headsets. The design of the Kraken V3 X also reflects a remarkable aesthetic appeal. It features Razer’s Chroma RGB providing it with the capacity to highlight millions of colors with a pretty impressive view.


Interesting gaming buffs can get the Razer’s Kraken V3 X gaming headset at just $70 via Razer’s website. The headset is available in China via Tmall for 549 yuan (~$84).



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