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Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon X65 5G modem touts a massive 10Gbps speeds


Qualcomm‘s latest 5G modem is the Snapdragon X65 which replaces the Snapdragon X60 that was launched last year. The X60 was bundled on the Snapdragon 888 processor. The new Snapdragon X65 promises to bring superior speed and support for up to 10Gbps speeds on both standalone and non-standalone 5G networks.

In terms of the upgrades that this new modem brings, the Snapdragon X65 offers a maximum download speed of 10Gbps which is an upgrade over the 7.5Gbps maximum download speed offered by the SD X60 from last year. This speed is merely theoretical, though, as there is yet to be a 5G network that is capable of providing such a level of throughput. However, with the upgrade in 5G connectivity, the modem is battle-ready for whenever the 5G throughput will get to that level.

Further, the Snapdragon X65 comes with support for the upcoming 3GPP Release 16 specification and Qualcomm claims it is the first modem to have such support. Release 16 which is also called “5G phase 2” is designed to bring such improvements as power consumption, massive MIMO connectivity, and more. Release 16 comes with improved support for unlicensed spectrum and non-public networks designed to facilitate 5G network expansion from consumer to more commercial uses.

Qualcomm touts the modem to arrive with an upgradable architecture thus making room for the addition of new features which will, in turn, make the device it runs on to remain relevant and current for a long time, more so as 3GPP Release 16 continues to roll out, allowing devices to stay relevant and up to date for longer.


Qualcomm also announced the Qualcomm 545 mmWave antenna. The antenna is a 4th-generation model been though it retains the size of the third-gen model. However, the new antenna sees improvement in the transmission power and now supports the full range of global mmWave frequencies.

Also announced, is an “AI antenna tuning technology,” that is touted to enable huge improvements in performance due to the deployment of AI-powered tuning. To put it in perspective, Qualcomm explained that the new system has up to 30 percent more accuracy in the manner it detects the way users grip their phones in order to bump up the connection efficiency, faster data speeds, and better battery life.


We don’t expect the Snapdragon X65 to be available anytime soon going by precedence. We expect it to be unveiled in the next-generation flagship Snapdragon chipset that is expected to be announced in December.



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