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Protect your laptop and your posture with Moft’s Black Friday deal


Whether you want to elevate your keyboard, your screen, or just protect the bottom of your laptop, this is very much worth the investment.

When the MOFT Laptop Stand showed up on my doorstep alongside its newest tablet and phone stands, I shrugged and set it aside for weeks. I didn't really understand the appeal for a laptop stand that stays stuck to your laptop for the life of the machine, but after a month, I stuck it on my Lenovo Chromebook C330 then took it to the parks. The first time I bent back the kickstand to use outside the Millenium Falcon, I fell in love. Then I realized what it does even when you're not popping that kickstand out, and it became worth its weight in gold.

Elevate your experience

MOFT Laptop Stand

This humble little stick-on allows you toboost your laptop up to two different heights as you use it at a low table or even in your lap, the way I use it half the time. While it's sitting flat under your laptop, it's also keeping the bottom of your laptop from getting scratched up by dirty desks and uneven picnic tables.

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When the MOFT Laptop Stand isn't standing up your laptop, it's still working: protecting the bottom of your laptop from scratches scuffs caused by dirty, uneven surfaces. I take most of my Chromebook pictures at Walt Disney World — and it's where I do a fair bit of my writing — and within half an hour of pulling out my laptop at the park, I can all but guarantee that there will be at least one scratch on the bottom of the machine, maybe two. That first one always hurts the most, but they all sting a little bit.


Since I put the MOFT on the bottom of my Chromebook, I haven't seen a single new scratch, because the MOFT keeps the bottom of the laptop elevated and above the rough edges of the concrete tabletops and sand-gritted cafe tables. The bottom of the MOFT stand is easy enough to wipe off at the end of the day and its wide enough to keep your laptop stable as you bang away at an article or a Reddit rant at 2 in the morning.


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