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Prime Day is finally here, time to buy these Fire Kids Edition Tablets


Amazon Fire Kids Edition LifestyleSource: Chris Wedel/Android Central

After its delay, Prime Day is finally here. It's the time of year that Amazon puts so many products on sale, from stainless steel cups to computers and so much more. This year, I'll be watching for a few different items to pick up, but I'm for sure getting one or two Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets — and since you can get them for up to 45% off, now's the time.

I bought my son the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition nearly three years ago, and it's starting to show its age. He is now eight, and my youngest is five, and they both are in the market for a tablet — well, I am for them. The Kids Edition tablets are wonderful devices from a technology perspective as they offer the same solid hardware as the standard Fire tablets, with some fantastic bonuses for younger children.

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Why get a Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet?

Amazon Fire HD Kids

Amazon Fire HD Kids Source: Amazon

If you've been considering a tablet for your child, then you have most certainly come across the Amazon options — and for a good reason. Aside from being well-performing devices, they are also packed with software parents want and kids love. This comes in the form of the Kids and Kids+ software.

It's the software and benefits of a "no questions asked" two-year warranty that makes Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets such an fantastic option for children.

Thanks to Kids and Kids+, parents can limit the type of content their child can choose from while also restricting access to the internet browser, apps, and device settings. They can also set time limits to keep screen time at an appropriate level. For the kid learning to read, parents can also set a requirement that a certain amount of reading has to be completed before they can access games or videos.

There are over 20,000 options in the Kids and Kids+ library for said books, games, and videos. All of this content is curated from Amazon to ensure that it's age-appropriate. As the parent, you get to set the age range for what your child can see. This feature lets you rest easy knowing that your 5-year-old isn't going to see a video that is intended for a 13-year-old.

Sure, I could save a few bucks up front and pick up the non-kids version of the tablet, put a heavy-duty case on it, and pay for the Amazon Kids or Kids+ software to make it a kids tablet. However, by the time I've done all of that, I'm getting awfully close to the Kids Edition price and won't have the two-year "worry-free" guarantee. Plus, when purchasing the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet, you get a year of the Kids+ free, so that's a savings right there.

What's the difference between each tablet model?

Amazon Fire Hd Kids Pink

Amazon Fire Hd Kids PinkSource: Amazon

Each of the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets shares much of the same DNA, but there are some key differences to be aware of to make the most of the device and your budget.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Fire 7 Kids Edition
Weight 24.7 oz 19.4 oz 16.1 oz
Display 10.1" full HD 8" HD 7"
Dimensions 11.5" x 8.1" x 1.0" 9.2" x 7.2" x 1.0" 8.7" x 6.3" x 1.0"
Storage 32GB 32GB 16GB
Expandable Storage Up to 512GB Up to 1TB Up to 512GB
Screen Resolution 1920×1200 (224 PPI) 1280 x 800 (189 ppi) 1024×600 (171 ppi)
Battery life Up to 12 hours of multimedia Up to 12 hours of multimedia Up to 7 hours of multimedia
Camera 2MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p video recording 2MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p video recording 2MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p video recording
Alexa enabled Off by default Off by default Off by default
Colors Pink, Blue, Purple Pink, Blue, Purple Pink, Blue, Purple
Audio Dual speakers with Dolby Atmos Dual speakers with Dolby Atmos Mono speaker
Case Kid-safe case included Kid-safe case included Kid-safe case included
Parental Controls Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Kids+ One year included One year included One year included
Ports USB C, 3.5mm headphone jack USB C, 3.5mm headphone jack Micro-USB, 3.5mm headphone jack
Warranty 2-year 2-year 2-year

A good amount of the info in the table above is identical on each tablet option. With 10.1, 8, and 7-inch screen optiona available, there's a perfect size for almost any type of kid. The smallest tablet is a great entry-level device, but it may feel too slow for older kids due to the smaller storage and lower amount of RAM. If your child is big into media consumption, then the 10.1-inch model may be the one to go with. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition fits right in the middle with excellent performance and a more manageable screen size.

These incredible software features are then wrapped up into some great hardware and a durable foam rubber case. Amazon makes three different options for Kids Edition tablets to cover different budgets and various children's needs. You get to choose from the entry-level Fire 7 Kids Edition, the excellent Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, and the big' un — the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, each with the same great warranty and software.

Now that Prime Day has finally arrived, I can upgrade one tablet and delight my youngest with his first tablet. Since these are Amazon products, these are likely the best prices we'll see on them. While Black Friday is nipping at the heels of Amazon's big day this year, you might as well strike while the iron's hot and make your move.

Top of the line parental controls

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

On a budget

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition may not have the most impressive spec list, but it is a fantastic device to start a child off with, especially since it gets all of the same content and parental controls as the more expensive options.

The sweet spot

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Good size, better performance

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition isn't the biggest tablet offered by Amazon, but it does get many of the same features. With 2GB RAM and expandable 32GB storage, along with great speakers and an easier to handle screen, it's a great choice for a lot of kids.

Going big

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Big screen for big fun

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition brings all of your child's favorite movies and games to the big screen. Packed with a full HD display and Dolby Atmos speakers, the entertainment options are seemingly endless.

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