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Pocketnow Daily: Dear Intel: Apple Was Just Getting Started! *NEW Apple Silicon Leaks* (video)


Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and more devices are on sale today

Let’s kick the week off with some pretty familiar deals, that are still awesome if we’re being honest. The new M1 MacBook Pro is still $50 off, leaving the entry level, Silver option for $1250 shipped. That’s actually the color I use and which I recommend most given how it ages. You can also get the discount if you go for the 512GB of SSD variant, leaving that for $1450. The 16in MacBook Pro is also $200 off, that leaves the 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD model for $2200 shipped. And okay, let’s move on to your favorite Samsung trade-in deals because I find it crazy that they’re still available. Starting off with the Note 20 Series, where you can find the Note 20 for $450 and the Ultra for $750. The S20 Series is also on discount, and you can get my favorite, the S20+ for $740 or the Ultra for $940. Finally, the Z Fold 2 is still at a $1000 which I find to be the better deal along with the Note. Again, for all of these you need an eligible device for trade-in but, they’re still pretty crazy. Finally, the Apple Watch SE is $20 off, leaving it at $309 shipped. We have more deals on other Samsung products like the S10 and the Buds, other Apple Watches and more in the links below.

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Google Assistant-enabled smart displays and speakers can now stream Apple Music

Now let’s talk about the recent moves that Apple Music has just made. I mean, Apple One was interesting enough for me to be willing to pay for it, but it seems that now Apple might have added a nail to its HomePod coffin. Last week, Apple Music rolled out support to Amazon’s A Speakers and now, Apple Music it’s making its way to Google Assistant enabled smart devices. Starting today, you can ask Google to play Apple Music on your Nest devices, that includes the Nest Audio, Hub Max and others. Now, the service is rolling out in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and France as of today but they are planning for support in other regions as well. Of course, you’ll have to pair your account with your Google account and then you should be good to go. And yes, I do agree that it’s not like if the HomePod Mini doesn’t have advantages, like Privacy which we still haven’t been able to confirm, and also sound quality, but at its price, I’m even debating paying for Spotify anymore.

LG’s rollable phone could soon be a reality

Now, let’s talk about LG’s Project Explorer as, the company has done a great job putting themselves back in the spotlight thanks to devices like the Wing. We know that the Wing was just the first phone that was a part of this project, with the next one reportedly being that rollable phone dubbed the “LG Slide”. According to a tipster on Twitter, the LG Slide was just spotted in South Korea’s carrier intranet database. This revealed the carrier and unlocked model number, hinting to the fact that we’re getting close to the actual launch. Going from what we’ve heard from past reports, this phone is expected to bring a rollable OLED display which extends to give you a bigger canvas, and other trademarks hint that we might get stylus support. We’re expecting this to launch sometime in 2021, with multiple reports claiming that it is coming in March so we’ll see. Let’s just hope they add a flagship processor to match the flagship price this time.

We have leaked details of the upcoming OPPO Find X3 Pro

Let’s move on to OPPO as, we’re expecting the company to launch three different phones in Q1 of next year according to nonother than Evan Blass. He claims that the most important one will be the Find X3 Pro which is codenamed Fussi. This phone will bring the new Snapdragon 888 SoC and OPPO plans to market it with something along the lines of “Awaken Color”. This is because one of the main, if not the main feature will be the new display which is a 6.7in 1440p display with a 525ppi. It also has end-to-end 10-bit color support along with an adaptive-dynamic frame rate, from 10-120Hz, kind of like the Note 20 Ultra. Now, when it comes to the cameras, apparently we’ll be getting two 50MP image sensors from Sony, one for the primary and one for the ultra wide, as well as a 13MP telephoto and a 3MP macro camera.. Yay. It will be capable of 25x zoom which will also be a key point for OPPO,. Evan also mentions that when it comes to design, it will be 8mm thick and 190 grams, and it will bring a ceramic matte-frosted glass at the back in black and blue color ways at launch. Other specs also include a 4500 mAh battery and 65W charging. Again, OPPO should announce these in Q1 of 2020, but they will most likely release until Q2.


Apple is keen on periscope cameras, but they might not appear on iPhones until 2023

Now let’s talk Apple and camera capabilities for iPhones, as even if the 12 Pro Max is great, it’s not really that much better than everything else out there. So far we’ve had two different reports claiming that we’ll be getting a periscope lens on iPhones and now, this third one makes it look like it’s actually going to happen. This report comes from the Elec and it re iterates that Cupertino is looking to improve their zoom features by using SEMCO periscope lenses that could offer up to 10x optical zoom but, it gives somewhat of a larger timeline, suggesting it could be either in 2022 or 2023. Just to recap, Apple has been patenting solutions for periscopic zoom lens since 2014 but, the company has never actually put one on the iPhone. Now that they’ve been able to do away with the patent issues that held them back, it looks like they’re getting ready. Last week we talked about how they are already in talks with suppliers, with SEMCO and LG probably supplying these modules. And we’re going to go with Ming Chi Kuo’s timeline which claims that we’ll be getting these with the 2022 iPhones.


Story of the day:

Ambitious Apple prepares a 32-core chip for high-end Macs

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Apple Silicon Macs, because if you thought the M1 was great, Apple is clearly not even close to being done. So far, we’ve got three devices running on the M1 processor which is already pretty powerful but, we assume it’s also the source for certain limitations, like only having two USB C ports, and it looks like Apple wants to go ALL OUT with their upcoming releases. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is making a series of new Mac processors that is aimed at outperforming Intel’s best. The report claims that the next two series of Apple chips will be more ambitious than expected, with more CPU cores and even more GPU cores. So alright, the M1 comes with an 8 core CPU and either 7 or 8 core GPUs. Well this report claims that Cupertino is currently testing 16 and 32-core models. But wait there’s more, they’re also working on chips with up to 128 cores for either late 2021 or 2022. Currently they are working on a processor design with 16 high performance CPU cores which might make it to the upcoming MacBook Pros we’re expecting. So if you think about it, we’re expecting new MacBook Pros, new iMacs and possibly a new Mac Pro that could be half the size of the current one. And with this report saying that if Apple delivers they will significantly outpace the latest Intel chips, these new computers should be on a whole different league when compared to Intel’s Xeon or AMDs Threadrippers.


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