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Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s March Event Seems PACKED! (video)


Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and more devices are on sale

Apple’s latest M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, LG monitors are on sale today

OnePlus 8, the Pixel 4 and more Android phones are also on sale today

And what that means is that we have more Valentine’s Day deals for you because you should take advantage of them, with or without a partner. Starting with Samsung, the Galaxy S21 is still available for just $99 if you get it Unlocked with a trade-in and you also get $50 off instant credit for accessories. The S21+ is also available for as low as $199 with an extra $75 in credit, and the S21 Ultra is still going for $399 with $100 in instant credit. And by the way, don’t forget that SUPCASE is still our favorite choice for device protection. Use promo code 10POCKETNOW on Amazon to get 10% off the Award Winning UB Pro, or use promo code POCKETNOW15 on for a 15% discount as well. Moving on to the M1 MacBook Pro, it is currently available for $100 off on both Amazon and B&H, leaving the entry level model for $1200 shipped. OnePlus also has the regular 8 for $100 off, meaning it starts at $699 for both color variants. The T-Mobile variant of the 7T is also available for $200 off, leaving that at $399. Finally, if you’re looking for a Google Pixel, the Pixel 4 is $250 off its original price tag, leaving the entry level variant for $549. And guys, we have more deals on LG monitors which are some of my favorites, Dell Laptops, other Pixels and more in the links in the description.

    OnePlus 8
    OnePlus 7T
    Google Pixel 3XL
    Google Pixel 3a
    Google Pixel 4
    Samsung Galaxy S21
    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
    M1 13-inch MacBook Pro
    Dell XPS 2in1 9310, 13.4-inch FHD+ Touch Laptop
    34-inch LG UltraWide Ergo

TikTok sale to Walmart and Oracle shelved

Let’s move the spotlight on to TikTok which, had a very interesting end to their 2020. If you remember, back in September, the company reached a deal with Oracle and Walmart, to avoid the US ban that was being imposed on them. The deal was approved by the administration but, when the sale deadline came on December 4th, the government gave them no response so the deal was left off in kind of a limbo. Now, it looks like the new President of the US has different plans. According to the Wall Street Journal, TikTok’s deal with Oracle and Walmart has been put on hold “indefinitely”. Apparently the new President is reviewing the past efforts which were based on handling security risks from Chinese tech companies. Now, the officials haven’t ruled out anything just yet but it looks like the sale might not happen at all. However, the new administration might have to make a decision pretty soon as, they are supposed to deliver a formal response before February 18th as part of TikTok’s lawsuit. We’ll see how this evolves next week as, we know that they might end up selling or, simply making changes to the app and the algorithm it uses to recommend you videos as, that wouldn’t be sold.


First signs of a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE aka Fan Edition have emerged

Moving on back to Samsung, a couple of weeks ago we covered how the company might already be working on the S21 FE but, that was kind of a reach and most likely just an LTE variant of the S21. However, we have a new report from SamMobile, showing off the model number of a new Samsung device which reportedly belongs to the S21 Fan Edition. Now, the report mentions that Samsung hasn’t launched LTE variants of their flagships just yet, so they’re assuming that they’re only trying to streamline things by bringing this model number of the Galaxy S21 FE in line with the rest of the Galaxy S21 models, basically to throw us off. Now, it is pretty early in the year when compared to when we got the S20 FE, but we are expecting the specs on this phone to include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870, a similar camera to the Galaxy S21 Trio, 5G and of course, a high refresh rate AMOLED display. The report also mentions that Samsung might go the same route by bringing a wide array of bright color options, to market it in the same way they did last fall. So yeah, let’s hope we get this phone somewhat soon as the S20 FE was a great pick last year.

This is what we could expect from Apple’s new mixed reality headset

Let’s move on to Cupertino for the rest of the show, beginning with their upcoming Mixed Reality headset as, we’ve had a ton of leaks in the past 2 weeks. Now, we have some new patents for this headset which were made public yesterday. This headset is listed as a “Head-Mounted Display Unit with Adaptable Facial Interface” and it explains how the design elements can prevent the headset from moving around when the person moves while providing a comfortable fit. Now, there’s a ton of technical jargon here so, apparently it’ll feature at least one eye tracking camera, an illumination source that emits infrared light to the user’s eyes, and a diffraction grating located in the eye pieces. Other details mention over a dozen cameras, to help achieve the eye tracking, as well as the 8K displays, making everything look as good as possible. Another image on the patents show that this might work in a Tony Stark kind of way where, it will display a 3D text generation and editing GUI in a virtual spaces, which includes a virtual screen for you to enter or edit text in documents via a keypad from the input device. Apparently the text document or area can be placed and moved to various depths in your 3D virtual space. Very Michael Fisher Iron Man if you ask me. We should expect this headset as soon as next year and priced at $3000 to compete with Microsoft’s solution… which sounds all enterprise.


Story of the day:

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk Apple leaks as, we’re due some products. Earlier today Jon Prosser went on an answering and tweeting spree where he gave us some new information on when we should expect some things. First off, let’s get iPhone 13 out of the way as, someone asked him if Touch ID was still coming to iPhones this year, and Prosser simply replied “Yup”. Now, moving on to other products and their launch dates, he tweeted out that AirTags, which have been ready for months now, are still slated to launch in March. Of course this isn’t set in stone but, he claims that his sources haven’t mentioned any further delays this time. Meaning it should finally be a done deal. Now, speaking of March, someone also asked him about a new iPad Pro with Prosser replying that we should also expect it in March as far as he knows. Now, to expand on these products, we’re expecting the AirTags to be Tile-like tackers that will help you keep track of your belongings. And yes, you’ll most likely have to attach them to a third party accessory to carry it around. When it comes to the iPad, we’re expecting a similar design to the current iPad Pro with the dual camera at the back, the boxy design, Face ID and we really hope this is the debut of mini-LED displays. Finally, for iPhone 13, we’re expecting a shorter notch, Touch ID and upgraded cameras for all 4 models this year.


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