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Pocketnow Daily: Apple May Soon DITCH Intel… Sort of?(video)


Today’s deals include the previous gen iPad Pro and other great devices

Deals. If you didn’t catch my After The Buzz on the 2018 iPad Pro, I highly suggest you watch. I told you it was gonna land some major deals. Today we’re starting off with a $150 discount on the 2018 iPad Pros. The 11in variant Wi-Fi + Cellular can be found for $999 on the 512GB variant. The 12.9in is also $1199 for the 512GB variant but you can get cheaper ones with less storage. If you’re looking for an Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S5e is available for $447.99 for the 128GB variant with free shipping. We also have deals on B&O earbuds and Razer keyboards in the links in the description.
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Verizon is once again giving free data to its customers

We have a few updates of things that are happening during the pandemic. If you’re on Verizon, the company is giving free data once again, giving 15GB of data to customers who don’t have unlimited plans. If you already have an unlimited plan, will get 15GB added to their mobile hotspot date, prepaid plans are also getting data as well. Twitter is also removing all of the whole ‘5G causes coronavirus conspiracy tweets’ as some people have gone so far as destroying 5G cell towers. It won’t delete all tweets but the owns that may incite to violent behavior, YouTube CEO also mentioned that they will also be removing these types of videos from the platform.

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds will finally hit the shelves on May 6: Report

Do you remember the Microsoft Surface Earbuds? We don’t blame you if you don’t. Just try to remember those technical gages that we saw at the surface event. Yeah those. Well the company’s first Truly Wireless Earbuds will finally go on sale on May 6th in Europe with a starting price of €199. The price tag in the States will be $249 but we have no dates for availability just yet. The Surface Earbuds promise 8hrs of listening time with an additional 16hrs through the charging case. They offer Spotify and Office 365 integration and touch controls. Like seriously, why would you want integration with Microsoft Excel?

Mass production of new AirPods will start in the first half of 2021

According to Ming Chi Kuo, the new AirPods will replace the rigid PCB+SMT design for a System-in-Package which was the one used in the AirPods Pro. Kuo suggests that these internal changes will be the biggest change to the new AirPods, and even if this allows for a more compact design, they will retain the same design from the Second Generation. These changes will mainly be made due to the lack of interest in the current AirPods, and they would go into mass production in the first half of 2021. He also claims that the second generation AirPods Pro would also start mass production in Q4 of 2021. Here’s the thing though, if there’s a drop in demand, why keep the same design? Makes no sense.


OnePlus 8 Pro devices are also getting a green tint on their displays

The OnePlus 8 Series is not out yet and it won’t be until next Friday. However, we’ve already gotten two software updates, including one that completely redid the camera on the OnePlus 8. The thing is that some users in the community forums have already started having issues with the display, including a green tint when the display is set at 120Hz or when the brightness is lowered. Other users have mentioned a black crush when turning on the DC Dimming feature. OnePlus has already responded by saying that they are committed to investigating and identifying the problems so they can provide a solution. No issues with our review units here.


Story of the day:

Apple plans to equip Macs with its own custom processor starting next year

Finally, the hottest news today could signify the beginning of the end for Intel. I mean, we’ve seen the rise of AMD, now owning GPUs for Apple and having major manufacturers switch, and well, Apple has been making its own ARM chips since the first iPad 10 years ago. According to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly launching at least one ARM-based Mac next year. The sources claim that Apple is working on three custom ARM-based chipsets for Macs, which will be based in the A14 processors that will power the 2020 iPhones. Even though they will be based on the A14 they will be way more powerful, and this chip will allegedly be built on a 5nm process. According to the report, the first chip will have eight high-performance cores codenamed Firestorm and four low-power cores for efficiency codenamed Icestorm. This means they will have at least 12 cores when compared to the 6 cores on the A13. It will be a complete SoC, including the CPU and GPU on a single die. The chips will most likely make it to MacBooks and then move on to iMacs and desktops.


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