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Place your Arlo camera wherever you want with one of these mounts


Arlo Camera Mounts
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When it comes to finding the best Arlo camera, you'll also want to find the best Arlo Pro camera mounts. That's because the Arlo Pro 3 is our favorite of the bunch, along with being one of the best wireless security cameras, due to its versatility and the ability to use this either indoors or outdoors. Plus, you can't really beat having 2K video recording complete with HDR and the 160-degree field of view. If you are gearing up to mount your Arlo Pro, we've found the best Arlo Pro mounts for you to consider.

Mount on almost any gutter:

Wasserstein Gutter Mount


Staff pick

If you require a new outdoor mount for your Arlo Pro, Wasserstein's Gutter Mount is great as this can attach just about any gutter. The mount offers a 360-degree swivel and 180-degree tilt providing an easy experience when trying to get the "perfect" view.

Clamp it anywhere:

AceTaken Clamp Mount

It's important to find a versatile mount for your Arlo Pro, and this Clamp Mount from AceTaken is pretty versatile in its way. The mount sports an articulating design, which means that you can position the camera in a variety of different ways. Plus, the included ball-head ensures that you can turn the camera itself in the exact position you are looking for.

$17 at Amazon

Blend in with the birds:

OkeMeeo Wall Mount Bracket Kit

The OkeMeeo Wall Mount Bracket Kit includes everything one could need in a bracket kit, including a useful cover that looks like a birdhouse. Not everything is perfect in birdland, as this could cause some accidental notifications when it rains.

$25 at Amazon

Twist and mount:

Aobelieve Flexible Twist Mount

If you can think of a place to mount your Arlo Pro, chances are that the Aobelieve Flexible Twist Mount will do the job. This flexible mount can be bent into almost any position, allowing you to place your camera wherever your imagination can take you.

Strong and true:

KIWI Design Adjustable Wall Mount

The KIWI Design Adjustable Wall Mount works indoors and outdoors while including a 360-degree ball head so that you can rotate your Arlo Camera after it's been mounted. The mount itself is made from aluminum so you know that it will withstand the elements while keeping your camera secure. There are even two different mounting options, with either a sticky pad for indoor usage or with a screw to mount it outside.

$13 at Amazon

Straight from the source:

Arlo Indoor/Outdoor Mount

Arlo's own Mount is rather unique with its magnetic ball mount, allowing for easy adjustment. Plus, you can use this on a flat surface or mounted on a ceiling or wall in your home, provided that you have the right screws needed. It's compatible with all of Arlo's camera options and extends the camera out 5-inches from the mounting surface.

Use the magnets:

LANMU Magnetic Wall Mount

With the LANMU Magnetic Wall Mount, you won't have to worry about any screws going into your Arlo camera. The company includes set screws for installing the mount to the wall. Then, just place your Arlo camera on the mount and rotate it to any angle you want.

Rotate it around:

Arlo Knob Mount

Arlo's Knob Mount screws into the back of your Arlo Pro or Pro 2, then allows the camera to be rotated around 360-degrees. Color options come in either black or white and are weatherproof, so you can rest easy knowing your camera and mount are safe from the outside elements. Plus, you can use this on a flat surface or mounted on a ceiling or wall in your home, provided that you have the right screws needed.

No frills installation:

HOLACA Gutter Mount

If you're looking for a new gutter mount that will work with many of your Arlo cameras or accessories, HOLACA has you covered. This mount comes in two different colors, and you can either pick up just one or get a two-pack for multiple Arlo cameras. Installation is easy, as you simply screw the camera into the mount, then place the mount in the gutter and tighten the boles to keep it in place.

Shine the light:

Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight Mount

While some of the Arlo cameras feature excellent night vision capabilities, the fact remains that not all of them do. If you want to be able to shine some light on the yard and see what's going on with your Arlo camera, then Wasserstein's 3-in-1 Floodlight mount is perfect. There is a built-in motion sensor, along with providing up to 2,000 lumens of light, giving you the ability to see everything that your camera can capture.

$50 at Amazon

Look around corners:

Acetaken Wall Mounting Bracket

Most mounts only offer the ability to mount your Arlo camera a few inches away. This doesn't help if you need to see around a corner of your home, but the Acetaken Bracket solves that issue. The ball head can rotate up to 360-degrees, and the articulating design with three locks makes it so you can point your Arlo in any direction.

$20 at Amazon

Clamp it down:

FastSnail Clamp Mount

If you want to place your Arlo camera somewhere but don't exactly have a mountable area, then clamp it. The FastSnail Clamp Mount works with many of the Arlo cameras, and from clamping it to the side of the baby's crib, to the edge of a bookshelf, you can put this almost anywhere in the house.

$13 at Amazon

Pick one the best Arlo Pro mounts for you

Our favorite mount for the Arlo Pro is the Wasserstein Gutter Mount due to its flexible positioning and easy installation since there are no additional tools needed. This will mount on just about any gutter, although you will need to make sure that your power cable is routed properly if you aren't going the wire-free route.

Perhaps the most versatile of this group is the Aobelieve Flexible Twist Mount, which can practically fit wherever you can think to put your Arlo Pro. This is made of stainless and flexible, so you can use it either outside or inside and don't have to worry about drilling any holes anywhere. The downside here is that if the mount is not secured properly, it could end up moving, which would set off the built-in motion detection features of the Arlo Pro.

And those who are big fans of having accessories made by the company who makes their products should check out Arlo Indoor/Outdoor Mount. This mount from Arlo works with the standard Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 while being able to be used mounted on a table or the ceiling.

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