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Pixel phones get Smart Compose for messaging apps with March feature drop


The latest Feature Drop for Pixel phones is here, and if the name didn’t already make it evident, it brings a host of new features for Google’s Pixel phones. Let’s start with Smart Compose. Originally announced back in 2018, the Smart Compose feature uses AI to suggest words for completing your sentences as you type. After making its way to the Gboard app last year and a host of other Google services, Google is now enabling its magic for a few messaging apps well.

Smart Compose will now auto-complete your sentences in messaging apps

Google has not revealed which apps exactly, but you can expect the popular ones such as WhatsApp and Telegram to take advantage of it on your Pixel smartphone. Just so you know, Google brought Smart Compose to Gboard back in July last year, allowing users to simply swipe on the suggested word to autocomplete their sentence. And if you enabled it on Gboard, it worked in third-party apps such as WhatsApp.


So far, Smart Compose has been limited to in-house apps only such as Gmail and Docs, and users had to manually enable it. However, the AI-driven predictive suggestion trick is limited to the US and supports only English

, as per the latest blog post. ‘

You can now share audio clips from the Google Recorder app as web links

Additionally, the March Pixel Feature Drop also brings new wallpapers, and the ability to share the audio clips you’ve recorded using the Pixel-exclusive Recorder app in the form of links. These links will let anyone hear those recordings and read the transcript, even if they don’t have a Pixel phone. This feature comes to life courtesy of a companion web client – – that we reported about last week.

You can now share audio clips as links that can be accessed by anyone, even if they don’t have a Pixel phone.

You can enable backup and sync for your audio recordings and access them via this URL on your laptop or tablet. This is quite convenient and will come in handy when you don’t have your phone around or if it ran out of juice However, do keep in mind that all these synced recordings are stored in the cloud and will count towards your Google account storage.

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